Veros dApp &
dWeb Platform

Veros dApp & dWeb Platform provides an opportunity to run more cost-effective fundraisers, while synonymously helping improve the quality of the earth. Veros is a decentralized platform that allows for additional security, privacy and transparency throughout.

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Big Ideas and Dreams can be
Realized Only by Joint Efforts.
The Project Needs Help and Support!

The funds will be used to create an international charity platform (VEROS Digital Hearts). Our goal is to bring people around the world together to help people and the environment in one place.

Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: 15kEMU6hMD9CLfHsEGgCwoN3k4xbum6YBa


Download OnePaper! Documentation Of The Project.


• Be the leading online fundraising and eco-project launch platform
• Zero fees for all fundraisers, donations and project launches
• Use advertisement revenues directly for the funding of eco-innovational and eco-freindly causes
• Progress towards a better earth for all species and the environment

The Future of Sustainability in Eco-High Tech

Veros in Entrepreneur

The pursuit of the VEROS platform is not a myth. Combining innovation with sustainability, VEROS is creating a space for a new community of eco-high-tech innovators to emerge, creating solutions for a better earth and a better life as a community.
“Please, respect, protect and appreciate all the beauty and richness of the nature around of you. Help people who find themselves in difficult situations.
Change yourself and the world will start to change around you.

- Nik Gadzhiev | CEO & Сreator Veros


Veros was built from the ashes of an old project that was abandoned by its creators. When the previous founders took the money and ran, they left behind a community of people in shambles, without a hope for revival. From this, Veros Digital Hearts was born. Veros Digital Hearts converted all of the worthless tokens from the old project into new VRS tokens, ready to be used on the Veros global fundraising platform. Veros' core essence is to proliferate philanthropy. It is where we came from, and where we are headed.

Veros is a zero-fee fundraising platform where the majority of all advertisement revenue funnels directly into fundraisers launched on the platform

Download BluePaper! Documentation Of The Project.

Team Veros

Team 1

Nik Gadzhiev


Creator, designer, social and political activist. Creator and inspirer of the project.

Team 2

Alexandr Vasilenko

Engineering Director

Technical brain of the project. Has an extensive experience and knowledge in creating structures based on blockchain technology.

Team 3

Marseille Ibrahim

Content Officer

Looks for ways to promote the project. Creates channels and connections with the crypto industry and the outside world.

Team 1

Helen Vlas

PR Officer

Draws attention to the project and is engaged in the formation of the correct attitude to the project goals in the eyes of society.

Team 2

Vladimi Smogorzhevski

Techology Officer

The high level of technical knowledge and creative approach allows him to solve many technical problems of the project.

Team 3

Jeff Kirdeikis

Development Officer

Jeff is the founder of the world's largest online crypto community and His helped proliferate over fifty crypto projects into the mainstream.

  • Veros Digital Hearts

    Platform to raise funds with incentives for philanthropic fundraisers.
    1. Charity, 2. Environment,
  • Veros Atlas

    [DACIO] platform helps to raise funds for the realization of eco-high-tech Projects. Presale area of tokens.
  • Veros Oracle

    decentralized Management System.

  • Veros Wallet+

    allows to direct transfers to the accounts of charitable organizations, commercial projects efficiently
  • Veros Marketplace

    is a trading platform that allows you to buy eco-high-tech goods and services.
  • Veros Ai

    AI [neuronets] consultant is an artificial intelligence to collect and analyze information about eco-systems ATLAS work.